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That's me on the left & Ziggy, my right hand girl.

I am a 'Pro Dog Trainer' qualified through 'Absolute Dogs'. I hold a Diploma in 'Complete Canine Care' (Distinction) through the British College of Canine Studies and I hold a canine first aid certificate. I am fully insured and DBS checked for your peace of mind and I am also continuously updating my skill set through seminars and additional training in order to offer you the best possible solutions for your given situation.


Dog training, like everything else, has evolved over the years. The use of aversives such as prong collars, shock collars, choker chains, water sprays etc is long gone. Reward based training evolved to create a bond between you and your dog, without causing distress to the dog in order to get them to comply. This involved rewarding good behaviour and ignoring the bad. This works on some behaviours but not all. Barking for instance can be self rewarding to the dog and ignoring it is not going to make it stop. We must also recognise that barking is what dogs do to get our attention or to display concern to a given situation. Shouting at the dog to shut up is not going to solve anything and is a negative interaction which damages the relationship. Interupting the barking and teaching an alternative behaviour is one way to overcome excessive barking without adding to the dogs stress levels and is a positive interaction which improves the bond between you.

We would call this 'Concept Training' rather than 'Behaviour Training'. 

Concept training is the latest method in reward based training and takes things to a new level. We don't use additional training treats, which can make for an overweight pooch, instead we utilise the dogs daily food allowance. It has been proven that a bowl of food on the floor is not that interesting to most dogs, yes they will eat it but in reality they would much rather work for it. Using their normal meal to play games creates a fantastic bond between you, resolves unwanted behaviours whilst channelling their energy in the right directions and is totally adaptable around our busy lives and work schedules. This way you are in control of how much food the dog gets, you know it is of nutritional value as it's what you would feed them anyway and everyone involved is having a great time playing together. 

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