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That's me on the left.

I previously owned Diamond Dogs Canine Creche.  I trained in Scotland to learn the necessary skills of creche management, including reading body language, pack dynamics and safely managing a group of dogs to enable the start of Diamond Dogs. During this time I continued to learn a huge amount about dog behaviour, good and bad. Understanding how dogs play and what is percieved as good play is a complex subject and not just a case of bung a few dogs in together and let them get on with it. Being able to identify when play is about to get out of hand, before it actually does is key in maintaining control. Intent on expanding my knowledge and keen to offer additional services to my valued customers I went into the walking and training business. My intention being to offer something just a bit different from the average walk. A standard walk involves so much more than just clipping on a lead, I incorporate basic skills and lots of fun in to these walks as well. Adventure Days are a full 2 hours of fun, games, exercise and training. I can also help if you need assistance with training your dog, whether it be loose leash work, good manners, recall, reactivity or anything else.  I hold a diploma in Complete Canine Care with the British College of Canine Studies (Distinction) and a canine first aid certificate. I am currently studying with Absolute Dogs. This takes reward based training to the next level and utilises games as the primary source of teaching.  The games not only resolve the vast majority of canine issues but also build the bond between you and your dog, not only that but they are great fun as well.