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Group Walks

Living in a rural area some of my customers are well spread out. Depending on where you live and whether your dog is good in the car or not will depend on who I can take them out with or who I can bring to you.


One hour walk - £15.00


Individual Training

Whether it's for a one on one training walk or a home visit to introduce you to the power of games & concept training.

Concepts include but are not limited to:

Calmness, Novelty, Confidence, Impulse control, Boundary Games, Proximity. 

Teaching real life skills via concepts will improve/resolve:

Reactivity, Obedience & Good Manners, Loose leash walking, Recall to name just a few. The games are suitable for all ages from Puppy to Geriatric and will enrich your dogs life.                  

Clicker Training.

Initial assessment - £40.00

One hour session - £40.00

Block book 4 sessions for £120.00

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Adventure Days

Great fun for your dog, (and me). Socialising, games, exercise & training all in one bundle.

2 hour adventure - £35.00