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I incorporate certain basic skills into our walks at no additional cost, however, if you would like help with a particular issue such as leash pulling or jumping for example I can offer either a training walk or a home visit to give you help and advice.  So If your dog pulls your arm off when on lead, or lacks in social etiquette,

I can help.

Whilst I understand that not all dogs want to mix with other dogs, and no different to us humans (we don't always see eye to eye with everyone we meet), our dogs don't necessarily get along with every dog they may encounter. I have a lot of experience in grouping the right dogs together and managing groups of dogs. Monitoring body language to promote good and mutual play and when to step in to calm things down. I specialise in socialisation and the importance of getting dogs to not just accept the presence of other dogs but to engage with their company and enjoy the experience. 


Professional Experience

  • Individual & Group Walks

  • One on One Training Walks

  • Recall Training

  • Leash Pulling

  • General Obedience/Good Manners

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