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I incorporate certain basic skills into our walks at no additional cost, however, if you would like help with a particular issue such as leash pulling or jumping for example I can offer either a training walk or a home visit to give you help and advice.  So If your dog pulls your arm off when on lead, or lacks in social etiquette,

I can help.

Concept Training - The most common requests for help are recall & loose leash. For these we would start playing 'Proximity' and 'Focus' games. Other concepts that we work on are Confidence to help with reactivity, Flexibility in Thinking to help them make some of their own decisions, Arousal up/Down to teach them an off switch and when to chill out, Calmness for those that can't sit still and Optimism for those that are wary of new things or situations. There are more concepts but this gives you the idea of how this works and how it teaches real life skills rather than just obedience.


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